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no guns, no toes, all feelings,

Do you boys ever feel like this society just isn't for you?

all i want is to own a home, land, 10 or 12 cargo vans, and i want to reach into any drawer in my house and be able to pull out a hand grenade, or a flash bang, or a full auto assault rifle

i want to drive down the street with bolt cutters and a concrete saw in the back seat while wearing my ski mask

i want to carry 4 guns and a hand grenade in my fanny pack

but i don't necessarily want to hurt anyone, i just want to live a peaceful lifestyle with my implements of mayhem.

i want shoot a machine gun on LSD, i want to make my own hand grenades and C4, i want to drive around with my RPG, and a short barreled folding stock ak47 in the passenger seat.

why? because it makes me feel good, it makes me feel good in a way that nothing else does.

and for the longest time, i thought i was crazy, but then weekendgunnit happened and that all changed, i saw there were people out there like me, and it was beautiful

Do you boys ever feel like this society just isn't for you? i just feel like there is no country, no society, no place in the entire world that is for people like us.

except maybe mexico idk.