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I recently found bulk steel case .223 for $0.41/rd. Not terrible

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I showed Benis, is that not enough for you people???

they'll be in the next post, sorry

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Honestly man, as a fellow southpaw, learn to manipulate right handed guns. You'll save money and in the large ice house chances are any rifles you may pick up off of dead minecraft creepers will be right handed (in minecraft). You'll want to work up that muscle memory.

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I have. I paid $75 for it. Had a real fiber optic reticle and everything. Worked great for about 100 rounds, then the reticle shifted all the way to the right side of the glass and wouldn’t go back. 1/10

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Meh, I own an Echo ARII and an Echo Sport and I feel like the Sport actually has a pretty decent trigger. The ARII is ass though