Let's play a joke on all the normies and slowly but surely start trying to convince them .40 is the premium cartridge for professionals.

Seriously. It would be funny AF.


And the f b I knew who both were.

(Drum rim shot)


Hot tendies and meth to you nephews. In an increasingly monitored and hostile world to us America loving autists, it's good to know something about the language/mindset of the modern mental health professional. Since most of them are boring faggots that don't know where the bullet comes out of the commie popper it's up to your beloved Uncle to help you understand that bullshit.

My qualifications? I've been doing mental health work for most of my working life that i didn't spend behind a gun counter selling guns. I have a BA in psych and an MS, also in psych. This means i can teach college level psych if i ever find a school that wants to hire someone that looks homeless, carries a gun habitually and ruthlessly despises authority as well as woke bullshit. Lol i'm fucked.

First, disclaimer, none of this is designed to help in any way a lefty leaning mass shooter (they all tend to lean left) or some other accelerationist cunt. That whole thing is a different deal and i understand the process that creates the kind of douchebag that shoots people living their lives. I have tailored this just to people that are cool but run contrary to the wokeism and all that shit. Fuck you if you want to bother every day people.

  1. If they notice you, you're fucked. Don't let them find you and your "crazy" beliefs. Delete all social media that has your name. Sure you have 1st amendment rights but private entities can do whatever they want to you as can mental health adjudication if that goes wrong. I've never used twatter or fbook and i just deleted reddit forever.
  2. Violence and references to violence are hugely uncomfortable to people. They can't understand that you can hold the door for a retired lady and carry a loaded handgun that you absolutely will 100% shoot a human being with if they threaten you enough. I get it, you get it, we all get it. They don't. They're only smart enough to be one thing.
  3. lon horiuchi murdered vicki weaver. bill clinton is a rapist, biden didn't win the election and is a pathetic commie jizz rag. Also, 7.62x51mm battle rifles are the fucking coolest.
  4. If they offer to give you any manner of test, dignostic instrument (paper or electronic test where you answer questions) for fucks sake don't take it.
  5. You orgasm harder carrying a .45 than a 9mm. Go ahead, try it.
  6. Psychology and mental health professionals aren't like doctors that see an ailment like a broken bone or infection and then want to cure it. Modern mental health is all about diagnosis, which is necessary for insurance payments because no one can afford mental health care, especially the often poor and fucked over people that honestly do need real help. They then give a diagnosis that people can use to justify their own bullshit and claim victim status.
  7. Actually take care of your own health. Take time to enjoy the simple things in life. Watch red dawn and cook a meal. Get the fuck off the internet. Life is good and being too wrapped up in shit makes you angry rather than cool and flexible.
  8. Don't joke about killing yourself. I knew a dude that did. Fired and i bet he will lose his FFL too. Also, don't kill yourself unless you're a commie child molester, in which case go ahead.
  9. Every day, i am sad HK did not make the UCP.
  10. Don't date a chick you fight loudly with or angrily with. Anyone's going to get you, it's an ex that wants you to suffer for leaving her or just wants to fuck with you for leaving. Romance is hard muthafucka. I don't know what to do to help you succeed beyond good hygiene and cooking.

Good luck you beautiful autists. As always, i love you if you love America and guns and will joyously feed on your anguish if you don't.

Uncle Scruffy


The year was 1989, a young rapist named bill clinton was just getting started thinking of ways to fuck over people further along with the hideous extradimensional lizard beast he married. Republicans and the cucks at the nra let the 89 import ban pass and that's why we have 922r (uncle Scruffy screams his rage for a minute).

Believe it or not, the fbi was looking out for the public interest and hunting some bank robbing fucks that pointed guns at people just doing their bank jobs and living their lives. It's hard to imagine but sometimes the fbi used to do stuff like that instead of targeting regular Americans. Lol funny right?

The fbi agents found two bank robbers who, we'll call mini14 and 870. After a traffic impact where an agent lost his revolver, they engaged these bank robbers and in the course of the gunfight one agent had his revolver jammed by the remains of his owh hand. Think about that a second. Damn. Mini14 was the most decisive combatant in the encounter besided an agent named Ed Mireles that chadded up and fired a shotgun one handed a number of times to end things. Mad respect. That's hard af. Go try it with a pump. Agents Grogan and Dove died and may they have hot tendies in Valhalla. They died fighting violent criminals and i shan't diminish that.

Long story short, despite the fact they lost to a folding stock mini 14 the fbi decided the handgun was the problem due to ot not being able to inflict decisive, penetrative wounds to torsos especially after passing through forearm/bicep if the intended fuckee.

So they spent 10 million tax payer dollars at least to develop the 10mm. A very neat round that can be fired from the 5-8 guns made now that fire it. It fucks up grizzly bears and throws a 180 grain round faster than i can chug high life and call beijing biden a commie shill. And that's fast bby.

Enter the smith and clinton (cuz they backed the ban in 94) giant framed slide mounted safety vagina poison never get laid 5000. The gun that fbi agents couldn't shoot well and that wore out quick af.

So, s&c decided to make a short 10. They called it a .40.

In the greatest trolling move of that era, glock beat them to the market with a glock 17 chambered in .40. Never mind the problematic unsupported chamber. Lol KABOOM.

Then HK made the USP designed to be chambered in .40. And the universe was made whole, and right for Scruffy. As it works great in all chamberings.

So, what can we learn? The fbi spent 10 million of your money to make a cool round they don't use when they really, really should have just given those poor fucks CAR15s or Colt Commandos.

Handguns are my absolute favorite but a shorty rifle when you need it is the best. It beats a handgun often due to the inherent ease of shooting and power. Also shotguns but that's a whole different rant bby.

As always, I've been your Uncle Scruffy, your guide to the glorious history of guns, fine cuisine and where you hid those underwear you stole from that 2nd cousin you dirty bastard.

Guns and America forever, Uncle Scruffy


As thousands of national guardsmen who aren't trusted with live rounds stand guard over a communist shill inauguration it might be a natural thought to ask yourself how not to not be victimized by the government agencies you've funded with your tax dollars you had no consent over. Don't worry fam, i got you.

  1. If someone asks you to make them a short barrel shotgun, ask them flat out if they're lon horiuchi in disguise. If it is, he's just trying to get you to do that so he can kill uour wife and dogs. Plus anyone that doesn't know how to do that is too stupid to have a gun anyway.

  2. Carefully note the difference between an opinion statement and direct threats of violence. I can perfectly legally say that biden is the most disgraceful piece of shit i have seen in memory and he strikes me as the kind of guy that likes to hang outside grade schools and sniff bicycle seats. That's perfectly legal.

Threats of violence are not. Clear differences bby.

  1. Be aware that anything you do that could draw legal scrutiny could make everything even worse if it comes out you love guns/tendies and a constitutionalist view of government. Everyone likes cockfights and paying extra for the champagne room but they'll get you eventually. Also DUIs and shit.

  2. Knock on any parked vans you see on or near your block. If they answer you might see a titty if they parked to have sex. Or they might be feds. If they're feds they probably won't show you any titties unless they're a t f in which case they are men with bigger titties than your meth.

  3. If you're captured don't tell them about that thing with the horse, the 9 iron, fifty gallons of tapioca and all those rounds of .32acp. It's a secret.

  4. Did you buy those full auto glock sears on wish? Lol jk. If you did you wouldn't be reading this from your lock up. Don't buy full auto parts online.

  5. Sometimes when you're at work, try not to scream at people about how hot dogs don't need ketchup as they are already sweet and that the 2nd amendment means factory new full autos for all. Believe it or not some people are ok living life without full auto imported machine guns with factory suppressors and no background checks. Fags!

  6. Check again under your wife's side of the bed to make sure lon horiuchi isn't hiding there either. He's a stubborn bastard and he's always looking to kill more wives. Legend has it that the day someone can fit more dicks into their mouth at once than he can claim his mighty magic sniper rifle "spouse killer"

Stay alive and stay beautiful autists. Don't fall for traps and stay ahead o'them soy boys out to get ya.

As always, America and Guns for ever, Uncle Scruffy


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you autists, time traveling robots, ladyboys, cobra attack helicopters and the federal agents we all know read this forum every day.

Basting my turkey breast with olive oil, salt, pepper, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Going to see a friend at Scarborough faire later. Muthafucka said he had some green tip for sale. Gonna post an intensely erotic review of my 2020 VP9 when I get it.

Death to communism, gun control and bland food!

Eat well and grow fat with strength nephews, Uncle Scruffy


1/7 twist. Range of projectile weights. All brass case as steel is just for AKs yo.

What's your take?

Got some recipes, camera died though. Spent all my money on dog care and guns though. Which I do not regret.

Damnit guns are fucking awesome. (Looks at FALs longingly)



Long story short I love handguns. So damn much. The HK45C is my sweet tits good time pal but the glock 17 is the kinda gun that both insane gun nuts that are too far gone to care (howdy) or people that don't like or shoot guns much, like and enjoy.

  1. Holds a bunch of commie cures.

  2. Easy to shoot. (Low bore axis, easy and repeatable trigger pull, good sight pic, good grip).

  3. Dead stupid reliability.

  4. Mechanical simplicity.

What the fuck? I like the sig p320, shot a few but the glock is a better gat honestly.

Fucking thing is the best bedside table gun ever with a streamlight tlr-1 hl and a 21 rd mag.


Joining the ranks of companies whose name used to mean something (lol, colt, lol) remington has filed bankruptcy for the 2nd time.

In an era of unprecedented demand for guns, with more background checks in this period than ever before, remington can't sell their mediocre shit.

With industry leading (in NDs) products like the 700, the r1 1911, coming years after the 1911 resurgence, the 870, a gun that everyone owns but has lost ground to the 500, let's not forget their semiautomatic shotguns. Oh, wait, let's forget those because they are shit.

Good thing remington started selling AR15s. Who wouldn't want a 1/9 bbl twist carbine gas system flat top for $800? Lol.

In a final glorious insult, an indian nation wanted to use their casino money to buy big green and atop making scary ARs and focus on "smart guns". I can't actually think of anything obscene enough to say to that.

Uncle Scruffy