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First off, if you're one of the fags doing it, then fucking quit.

If you're too retarded to read the rules and see what kind of content this place is meant for, then go fuck yourself.

For anyone who doesn't know, Weekendgunnit is primarily meant for humorous and stupid gun-related content.

That means we don't care about your political gun-related video. We don't care about your boomer tier content. We don't care about your shitty fucking self promotion. We don't even care about your genuinely gun-related content that isn't humorous or funny.

I'm ranting here, I know, but its because the gunnit community used to be one of the best on the internet, but we've allowed shitty content in here. We've allowed unrelated content in here.

Also, if you're not posting this unrelated content but you're upvoting it or commenting on it, fuck you too.

Let's keep Weekendgunnit for Weekendgunnit shit. Shall we?

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Preach that shit. Whatever happened to this community?