The monthly thread is only getting like 10-15 comments total. I'm too lazy to remember to make a new post on the first of every month, so this thread will stay up until I decide it's too old and then I'll start a new one.

tally ho lads

instead of discord just create an element account

make an account and then search "weekendgunnit"

my room should come up, let me know if it works, and if it doesn't just post your username in here and i will invite you

or just follow this link

follow this think

luvs <3

WTF is Aimpoint CRO? (
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I inherited a 1918 11-A 5-shot 12ga. I shot it a lot when I was young and besides being a handful for a boy, I remember it ran fantastic.

Last summer, I brought it out and tried to run some light game load through it. It double-fired and FTF/stovepiped a 3rd round.

I tore it down, found a broken trigger spring/bar. Replaced it, oiled it, tried again. Same result.

Tore it down fully, breach block had a crack. Drilled divots on the ends and Tig welded the crack, lightly squeezed with a small c-clamp.

Reassembled, oiled and fired. Tension nut is snug but not reefed on. Same result.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Y’all know that video of the faggot from Hamas calling for a Jihad tomorrow? On a scale from 1-10, what’s the likelihood that that Sharia POS is in constant contact with the CIA?

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Because if you jam your surrogate phallus down your pants, you won't have a pp anymore.

Argue for why you carry the way you do. I'll start.

I use the 5-11 Select fanny pack because the only pistol I have is a full-size Glock 22, which would make me look super happy to see everyone if I put it in my waistband.

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