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so i got covid, HARD, and being a big fat boi, the hospital thought they were going to have to intubate me, but luckly that didn't happen,

i didn't have the vaccine because that's my fucking choice, not anyone elses, i stand by that,

5 whole days i can't remember, 5 whole days are completely gone, my house mates thought i was dead, a few friends thought i was dead, the general consensus was that i was going to die, if there was a betting pool i was told that it was 90/10 death to survival.

then Christmas day i woke up and turned it around i guess, i came with with acute covid pneumonia and kidney failure, and turned everything around

i was in the hospital for 16 days, and i finally just today got out today, and after all that shit, all the oxygen they had me on, (oxygen gets you high but not in a fun way, imagine being about 20 IQ stupider for 16 days straight)

and i am weak as a fucking baby right now, i feel like i just got my ass beat base ball bat casino style, not joking, a 5 year old could put me, a 31 full grown man down right now, i have NEVER felt this kind of weakness in my life.

and what do i have to say for my experience?

don't you men ever give up your freedom, not one inch of it, not now not FUCKING EVER, all that time i spent in there i never not one thought about giving up not one lick of freedom, not one bit, wanna know what i thought about?

the alamo with billy bob thorton and stan rodgers the idiot


i was nearly on my death bed and i am thinking of stupid freedom shit, because i'm fucking retarded like that,

i'm stupid like that, and your stupid like that, and i get the feeling bois like us are going to remain stupid like that

i love you retards and don't you ever give up anything, stay strapped or get clapped.


here's a little video if you want to listen to my voice


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AngeredKabar 5 points ago +6 / -1

You will soon see this as only making you stronkerer

How_To_Freedom [S] 4 points ago +4 / -0

You will soon see this as only making you stronkerer

i hope man, because right now i'm as weak as a 5 year old girl

interfax001 2 points ago +2 / -0

stronk is for no toe, no pew pew fags? No it ain't!