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You can't operate if you're a fat fuck. Start working out and lose that weight. Then go running with nods.

can't argue with you there sir, i want to get in shape for sure

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You will soon see this as only making you stronkerer

i hope man, because right now i'm as weak as a 5 year old girl

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Our founding fathers never expected us to invent the fork truck and give people unlimited strength for moving stones.

what a great point, i never thought of it like that, you convinced me

we need common sense landscaping reform, it's only common sense, don't be selfish.

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You win automatically if it is a 9 ft long neon lit erection with a cheeseburger on the end.

that's the man you want on your team

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the man walks free, as he should

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they suspended my fat ass for 7 days

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Why bother with Reddit?

to fuck with leftists

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Either this sub is leaking or the tism is spreading

why not both?

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Ebay/Coinbase reported his transactions as suspicious

fucking cucks

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  • Elections had showed that despite massive falsification, commie tyrant had lost the elections

  • Of course this was not the case when the tyrant goes peacefully. So protests have started.

  • After several months of protests tens had been killed thousands arrested and tortured.

  • Freedom of speech is considered a terror threat. Historical national flag or alike "White-Red-White" colors are considered a terrorist attack. So you will be prosecuted for a box from LG TV on your balcony (no joke, they actually imprisoned a dude who stored his TV box at the balcony).

  • If you start following the wrong public channel in the Internet then KGB comes and tortures you.

  • If you have created a public resource which shows the crime of the regime then KGB comes and kills you.

  • KGB agent have killed dissidents even in foreign countries

  • Belarusian people are not to give up. This shootout was the first time when someone opposed KGB with the firearm.

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Kyle 'The Lion of Kenosha' Rittenhouse

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Saint Rittenhouse hero of the Republic

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