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Does the p320 go off if it's smacked still?

I know some of you Sig fluffers will tell me it was never a thing, but I saw a video once where a guy hit the back of the slide with a hammer a few times and it went off so yes it was indeed a thing for the sample size tested.

I have a concept in the initial brainstorming phase for two handguns connected by a cable to be swung wildly and think the unpredictable effect of discharge will enhance the capability.

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Sig issued a recall and the new pistols are supposedly drop safe.

that said ... your idea has merit. Gunchucks seem like the ideal self protection tool for dealing with more than one assailant. Please create, video, and report back.

AngeredKabar [S] 7 points ago +7 / -0

I just thought of another exploitative feature of the p320.

One could design a non-conventional frame that would be more optimized for the task.

I am currently on break at Wendy's before they have me dump the oil in the fryers, and I would need to obtain a computer workstation with CAM/CAD software, a 3D printer and two sigs before I can commence the project.