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What I got from the video is that basically the care he is getting through the VA is insufficient. So he needs to see a specialist, and that costs money.

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Longer video posted by CRS firearms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIbidRCovJ0

Still no idea where Dugan posted this video.

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Dugan Ashley from CarniK Con.

There is a Gofundme but the creator says he has not been in contact with Dugan yet.

Is this video actually new? Does anybody know where Dugan is on the internet right now? I haven't seen something posted by him since he deleted his Boogereater account almost a year ago.

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I'm somewhat sympathetic since he seems based but when you post multiple submissions that don't fit the community in a short time frame it doesn't look good. If you really want people to visit the site you should try making it relevant to the sub so that people don't have the impression that its just spam.

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He would not have ever been in the right to shoot Doloff. He approached Doloff, and then he smacked Doloff. Then Doloff drew.

If Doloff was inciting dead guy, then its questionable whether Doloff will get off for self defense. But clearly dead guy approached Doloff and made physical contact.

Don't be a stupid boomer and think you can smack and mace a commie, they will kill you.

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That makes literally no sense.

Pic 1: Doloff has left hand on fat guys chest

Pic 2: Doloff has sunglasses and hat getting smacked off his head, his left hand is in about the same place.

Do you really think that picture shows him trying to reach for a gun, which is concealed, while his eyes are closed from his face getting smacked?

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Since according to the ratio it looks like some people are salty about this, here's some context: https://twitter.com/D_R_Ball/status/1315426111753388032/photo/1

Fat dude smacked Doloff first it seems, the mace grabbing narrative in this tweet is bullshit: https://twitter.com/The_Reaper2008/status/1315424957397168134/photo/1

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Don't you only have to delete posts within the last 6 months? All the other posts would be archived and comments would be locked.

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I didn't even notice until a few days ago but he must have deleted it last month. I got tired of his really meandering rants. I wish he would have done more schizo posting.

Here's an archive of the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAwW_67i4HJxXqlYYd6W3qA/videos

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Green shirt guy was just trying to disarm him

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Exactly. If they are too normie to find this sub when its already been linked in r/weekendgunnit then who cares

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Please post images of your feet in a dark room so your luminescence can be determined