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i love you federal agents looking to entrap me, you make me feel understood, but in a serious note, we need a fucking joint on the darkweb

it's more likely then not that this website is a federal honeypot, that being said we need a joint on the dark web, a place were we can talk WITHOUT the fear of being red flagged

a place where the host is anonymous to the user but the user is also anonymous to the host

what do you guys think?

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HKgoneWild 3 points ago +3 / -0

If you have a wireless device at all, it's 999/1000 compromised.

If it's a mainstream Android, then abcdentrapfuckyou corp probably got you.

If apple, them it's rotten to the corp.

If some chicom knockoff, then ask the uighurs.

If you're using smart tech, and don't have a great comms guy, you're not being smart. And if you try to do anything goonish, you may become very room temperature very quickly.

Unless you're using a flamethrower, or have swapped the plates in your carrier for claymores.