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Does the p320 go off if it's smacked still?

I know some of you Sig fluffers will tell me it was never a thing, but I saw a video once where a guy hit the back of the slide with a hammer a few times and it went off so yes it was indeed a thing for the sample size tested.

I have a concept in the initial brainstorming phase for two handguns connected by a cable to be swung wildly and think the unpredictable effect of discharge will enhance the capability.

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Think about it like sex.

She’s hot, but playful. Hard to get, you could say. You’ve got to wine her and dine her, on several dates over many days or weeks. When the time is right, she demands a ton of foreplay to build up to the right moment where you feel spectacular ecstasy for about 15 seconds before dumping your mag. Then it’s back to square one. Put her in the safe and start the process over.

This is better than say…

The Eastern European girl from across town. She’s a dirty fucking slut that will let you dump mags all day long at any time. She’s the opposite of high maintenance, and ready to rock at any time. No prep, not even a light shower. In fact, she doesn’t mind a bit of dirt, mud, sweat or even blood. She’s a freak. Also smoking hot, dependable, and miraculously disease free.

So the choices is obvious, I think.

(Written by a guy that owns a Sig, but would trade that bitch for another CZ in a hot second.)

-USP- 2 points ago +2 / -0

Well I have a variety of pistols none of which are a glock, sig, or 1911 lol. Guess I go for the goth girl in the corner. Daily carry is an XD though

Probably-Pooping 1 point ago +1 / -0

Well, fat girls, goth girls, even dumb girls need love too. Everyone has a type. At least you don’t carry a HiPoint,