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I get made fun of more for having a .380 as my concealed carry. Nobody I know ever seems to mention anything bad about .40.

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OK so trying to say .410 birdshot is effective at taking down humans at a distance is definitely lulzy...

...but what's wrong with .40?

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That's why my PC has no webcam and no microphone ;)

And why i keep my blackberry cell phone in the other room in a drawer unless i'm on the road. Even though I do have some faith they actually protect my information... eh. maybe.

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You dont need to even provide an e-mail to sign up for an account here. And if you are smart like me, and stay behind a VPN all the time and use browsers that clear your cookies when you close out of them, tracking is darn near impossible. So if its a fed honey pot, it doesn't work well.

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As far as i'm concerned, this IS the darkweb. You can't find it unless you know about it. Normies basically don't exist here.