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i love you federal agents looking to entrap me, you make me feel understood, but in a serious note, we need a fucking joint on the darkweb

it's more likely then not that this website is a federal honeypot, that being said we need a joint on the dark web, a place were we can talk WITHOUT the fear of being red flagged

a place where the host is anonymous to the user but the user is also anonymous to the host

what do you guys think?

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scruffyusp 17 points ago +17 / -0

They're going to find you no matter what.

So I just make sure to be boring. I also don't make violent threats or plans.

Opinions are ok, I can legally say that I think the fake president is a worthless douchebag pedo and that he and his associates are a fucking blight on this beautiful country. That's legal.

It's also legal to remind everyone that lon horiuchi killed Vicky Weaver and the fucking atf entrapped them all.

All legal.

HecklerAndCock 3 points ago +3 / -0

lon horiuchi

Now I know that piece of shit's name.

Good thing Silencer Co. is now willfully aiding the HRT teams.